4th-5th Grade

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In order to ensure open communication, our team would like to share some frequently asked questions and answers as outlined below.

Grading Communication:

How do I know what grade my student is getting?

Aeries Parent Portal is available for you to keep up to date with your child’s grades. You will be receiving information with your access code and how to sign up soon.

Can my student complete make-up work?

Absences - Students are responsible for collecting any missing assignments and homework, and it must be returned within a week.  Parents may not call the day of the student’s absence to request missed work to be ready by the end of the school day.

If you anticipate your child missing school for 2-3 days, and are going to request work, teachers must be given a minimum of 48 hours to prepare the work.

  • Students will only receive credit if work is 100% completed upon their return. If students return without work they’ll receive no credit.

Can my student complete any extra-credit to increase their grade?

Student grades are determined by their performance on carefully crafted tasks that are designed to show proficiency. Students need to complete their assigned work before they are given extra-credit opportunities. Extra-credit will be offered at teacher’s discretion and usually only as an extension of assigned classwork.

How can I get in touch with my student’s teachers?

The best way to communicate with the 4th and 5th grade team is through email.

Scheduling a conference:

  • 4th-8th grade at Paakuma’ K-8 is considered “middle school” therefore there is no scheduled parent/teacher conferences during the year.
  • You may schedule a 20-minute conference with a teacher if you have specific concerns.
  • Please make arrangements a minimum of 24 hours in advance.


The Paakuma’ 4th and 5th Grade ELA, Math, Science & History Teachers

Please see the attached Parent Letters for each teacher's individual classroom and homework expectations

Mr. Cacho Parent Letter.pdf
Mr. Cacho Parent Letter (4th Grade).pdf
Mr. Cacho Parent Letter (5th Grade).pdf
Ms. Hall Parent Letter.pdf
Ms. Maciel Parent Letter (5th Grade).pdf
 Ms. Oyola Parent Letter.pdf
Ms. Ruha Parent Letter (Part 1).doc
Ms. Ruha Parent Letter (Part 2).doc
Ms. Ruha Parent Letter (Part 4).xlsx
Ms. Sclafani Parent Letter.docx
Ms. Sorrell Parent Letter.pdf
Ms. Vielma Parent Letter (4th Grade).docx

4-5 Classroom Expectations
k-5 Playground Expectations