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4th-8th Grade PE 

The Physical Education Department at Paakuma’ K8 School would like to welcome you back! To begin this school year, we would like to provide you with some information about how our program will work this year. Below you will find some information on topics we thought would be helpful for you.

Email is the best bet!

The easiest way to contact your child’s Physical Education teacher is to send either of us an email. Please allow 24 hours for a response to your email. You can find our email addresses under our names at the bottom of this letter. If you feel that you would like to speak with us, please send us an email with a contact phone number and we will return a phone call during our conference period. This would be anytime between 11:10 and 12:30.

Aeries updates

We will update our Aeries grades every two weeks. Please check on Mondays to see updated grades. We do plan on using weekends to update grades if needed.

Grading Philosophy 

Grades in Physical Education are comprised of three categories: participation, assessments and responsibility. Attendance and participation make up the largest percentage of students’ grades due to the nature of the assignments being participation based.

Grading Policy

Participation:  60%

Participation, leadership, and sportsmanship.

Listening, following direction, and asking questions.

Trying your best even if the task seems difficult.

Performance Assessments:  Skill or Written 30%

Assessing Content Standards


Fitness Gram

Accepting constructive criticism.

Social Skills: 10%

Medical Excuses

A medical excuse from home will allow the student non-participation for 1 day. A doctor’s note is required for longer durations.

If your student is absent from school, he/she can complete a written assignment to earn the missed daily points. Make-up assignments can be requested from the teacher.

Instructors need prior notification of any pre-existing disabilities or physical limitations.

Make-up assignments

In the event that a student is absent, assignments can be made up to recover missing points. Students will need to make arrangements with the teacher for assignment makeups.

Grading Scale






Student Behavior Policy

Within our Physical Education department, we will be teaching/reviewing pertinent PBIS skills and expectations with our students. We will also be implementing/embedding Social Emotional Learning lessons. It is our intent to help shape and correct all student behaviors so the meet the PBIS expectations. In the event that behaviors displayed in our classes do not meet the school culture expectations, we will be using the following discipline ladder:

1st offense: Verbal warning

2nd offense: Verbal warning with low-level documentation (parent will be notified)

3rd offense: Low-level documentation (parent notification; lunchtime reflection time)

4th offense: Low-level documentation (parent notification; counselor notification)

5th offense: High-level referral to administrative office (low-level documentation will be submitted to the administrator)



Santiago Rodriguez                                              Saundra Imbriani

Secondary Physical Education                             Secondary Physical Education

Paakuma’ K8 School                                            Paakuma’ K8 School

[email protected]                         [email protected]

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Elementary PE

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome back! I’m so excited to be with you in person this year. I have a lot of great movement
experiences planned for the elementary physical education program here at Paakuma’. Physical education is
required by state law and I will follow the state-adopted physical education standards at each grade level. The
standards emphasize motor skill development and knowledge, physical fitness and fitness principles, along
with social interaction skills and self-esteem building. During inclement weather, I will be modifying activity
to allow for maximum participation with safety being of utmost importance.

I want each student to experience fun and fitness in each class so that they may carry on with healthy
fitness habits throughout their lives. My intention is for each student to understand the importance of physical
fitness and a great emphasis will be placed on building a fit body and mind.
To make P.E. class a successful and safe environment for each student, the following expectations will
be emphasized.

1. Each student is expected to participate and do his/her best in each class.

2. Each student is expected to wear closed-toed shoes every day, but especially on PE day. (Schedule will
be relayed via classroom teacher) NO HIGH HEELS OR OPEN-TOED SANDALS are ever allowed
at Paakuma’ K-8. This will aid in safety and performance.

3. Your student is highly encouraged to bring a water bottle with their name on it and wear sun safe
clothing (school appropriate hat), along with sunblock on PE days.

4. Those students with special (continuing or long term) physical needs, including those with asthmatic
respiratory problems, are requested to present a letter from their doctor to the school health office.

5. Continuous discipline problems will be handled via email or phone call to the parent or guardian.
I look forward to offering your child a variety of fun and challenging developmentally appropriate movement

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program please email me at
[email protected] I check emails daily and will get back to you within 48 business hours. Thank you
for your support of healthy habits that will lead to a lifetime of physical fitness.

Traci Kelley
Elementary Physical Education Teacher

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Please see the attached Parent Letters for Elementary PE and 4th-8th Grade PE

Mr. Rodriguez and Ms. Imbriani Parent Letter.docx
Ms. Kelley Parent Letter (Elem. PE).pdf

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